About Us

Wonstay is a platform which helps to connect the guests who need to find accommodations as well as experience services with the hosts who have available apartments and services.

Wonstay is managed by Global Technology and Management Services Pte. Ltd - a startup company in Southeast Asia and incorporated in Singapore.

Firstly, we would like to introduce the various regions and national cultures to guests around the world, help them experience with the local people closely. Wonstay also aims to connect with guests from all over the world. Then, guests can share their beautiful local places for others to experience and make Wonstay community more diverse and attractive.

Our Vision

Become the top homes and experiences booking platform in Southeast Asia


Our Values

Connecting and Sharing

Increasing Property Value


Our Personalities

Responsible: Wonstay takes responsibilities for all services that we provide.

Honest: Wonstay is honest with all relevant parties.

Hospitable: Wonstay undertakes to serve customers wholeheartedly and kindly.