Privacy Policy

We warrant that all your personally identifiable information will be protected and respected. Please read the following privacy policy to have a better understanding of all commitments that we have made to protect our users, members and customers’ rights. The privacy policy will explain how we receive, use and (in certain cases) to disclose your personal information.

The policy also explains the procedures we are executing to secure your personal information. Finally, the privacy policy will explain clearly about the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information.

We understand and emphasize on protecting your personal data as well as enhance your confidence; thus, we use the name and other information will strictly comply with the privacy policy. We only collect the necessary information related to the transactions. We only keep your information for a limited of time that follows the requirement of any applicable law or for a certain purpose.

1. Data Collection

We will collect your information when you complete your registration and entering any transaction.

The purpose of collecting and storing your personal data is to process orders, to provide services and complete information requests through the website based on your requirements. Moreover, we also use your data to manage your account; to verify and perform online transactions, to manage data downloaded from the Website; to improve the display and content of the Website and adjust to suit other users; to identify users, members and customers getting access to the site, demographic study, to send information about products and services if you have no signs of rejection. If you do not want to receive such marketing information, we may stop sending any time if required.

We will handle the online payment process, all you need is to submit us your complete and accurate information, avoid any misleading and notify us of any changes.

We will keep all of your order details and will not publish such information directly for security reasons. However, you can access the information by logging in to your account on the Website. After that, you can find all the details of your orders, the transactions you have made, all the services you have used, email confirmation, and banking information. You understand and agree that you will protect these data and should not disclose to any third-party. We do not assume any liability and responsibility whatsoever for the incorrect use of your password if this is not because of our false.

2. Other rules about the personal information

We may use your personal information for a market research purpose; the details will be hidden and can only be used for statistics. You can refuse to participate at any time. Any surveys and polls, which we require you to complete, cannot be transferred to third-parties. The only requirement is to disclose your email if you want to participate and the answer will be saved separately from your email.

3. Ensure customer benefits

Fulfilling customer interests is our priority when operating. In order to protect customers’ interests, our board of directors wants to provide customers with basic important information before entering any transaction on the Website, ensuring the customers are safe from any harmful intentions. You should consider carefully the information concerning the products and services that are posted on the Website such as price, additional services, specific conditions of use, address, payment method, bank account number, and other relevant information, that the Website has asked such as business name, contact number, address, social network addresses, in order to make sure transactions are accurate and secure.

We require registered users to provide full information including name, contacts, email, identity card number, phone number, bank account numbers, and solely responsible for the legality of such information.

We are NOT responsible for resolving all claims related to the interests of the members in the event that the personal information provided by the member when the register is incorrect.

We will provide our users and members with information you should know before participating in the payment for service, ensuring the transactions are safe and secured.

We will have mechanisms/plans/solutions to ensure a safe transaction. We will specify the security mechanism of customers’ payments, handling complaints and compensation for damage in the event of payment information of the customer via the website has been altered, deleted, destroyed, copied, disclosed, illegally transferred, or caused damage to customers.

The collection and use of information for each customer is only done when there is the consent of the customer, except in the cases that were enforced by the laws.

You have the right to check, update, modify or cancel your personal information or request Wonstay to do this.

4. Protect customers information

The purpose and range of customers’ data collection

  • We collect customer’s information to manage accounts, to serve for the provision of products and support after-sales services, to respond to concerns or to fulfill customers’ requirements.

  • The scope of data collection; we collect the data when customers successful registered the account, and collect other information in the process of customer feedback on service quality, reviews and others.

The use of information

  • Customer information is only used in the operations and management of the Website, as well as, exchanging to associated parties. We also may use your information to inform you the products and services available on or our associated companies or to contact the customers to know your perceptions and feedback on our current products and services and develop potential services. Your personal information may be shared with other companies, but only when for the purpose of satisfying customers’ requirements or related purposes.

  • We use the information to provide adequate data to secure the online payment process, support customer service, customer management and retention.

Storing data

  • Time to store information: the company’s server has a capability to store customers’ information for at least 2 years and a maximum of 10 years.  We can improve the storage capacity if necessary.

  • The address of personal information collection and management department Information gathering and management controlled by Global Technology and Management Services Pte. Ltd

The way to help members can access and edit personal data:

  • You can access and edit your personal data through the Website, by logging in your registered accounts. Editing can be done by using smartphones, computers or other devices to get access to the Website.

Privacy commitment to personal information

  • We only gather information to the extent that it is appropriate and necessary for our business purpose. We warrant ensuring the security, integrity, accuracy, and security of the information that users provided. In addition, we make sure that the third-parties will also ensure the safety of the information that we provide.

  • Personal information is collected, stored and protected in the most careful manner.

  • We collect, classify and record all information in one main server.

  • Personal information of customers is absolutely protected and will not be transferred to any third party unless there is a request from local government bodies.

We protect customers’ information by

  • Setting up a firewall to prevent network violation

  • Regular examination and check by professional employees and technical staff in order to ensure all anonymous attacks are detected in time and prevented.

  • The personal information, private information of the users will be stored under the procedures and implement strict confidentiality in accordance with the law.

5. Manage inappropriate information

List of products, services and information that are banned from publishing

We will provide you with the lists of our trading products and services; thus, you can avoid violation of rules when posting. Users, members and customers shall not:

Advertise any products, services that are prohibited by the laws, for instance, wine, tobacco, breast milk substitutions for kids under 24 months old, nutritional products for kids under 6 months old, any prescription or non-prescription drugs that are not recommended to use, any products used for sexual enhancement, hunting rifles and ammunition hunting guns, sporting weapons and all kinds of products in nature or incite violence. Any other products and services that are banned by the government.

6. Mechanism of receiving and resolving complaints related to customer's personal information

Members have the right to send complaints about the disclosure of personal information to third parties to the Wonstay Management Board at the company's address or via email.


The company is responsible for implementing technical and professional measures to verify the contents reflected.

Processing time for reflection related to customer information is 15 days.