Terms of Service


Welcome to Wonstay platform ( as known as "Website"). The only main purpose of this website is to provide e-commerce trading platform to provide information about accommodation for short-term tourist accommodation rentals for those seeking places to rent. ( as well as "Services"). The phrases "we", "our" and "Wonstay" are used below on behalf of Wonstay, while the term "you" refers to the customers who are accessing, accessed and use the information from the Website.

We provide this Website, based on your agreement to the Terms, Conditions set out below ( as well as the 'Agreement'.) By accessing or using this website in any form, you agree to be bound by the Agreement. Please read the Agreement carefully. If you do not accept all of these terms and conditions, please do not use this Website. You cannot modify the Agreement. We may change or modify this Agreement without prior notice, and your continued access to or use of this Website constitutes your acceptance of the updated or modified Agreement.

Organizations or individuals who have been and will be taking part in the transaction on Wonstay e-commerce trading, all of them will be willing to engage in trading with an attitude of respecting each other's rights and interests legally thanks to contracts and not contrary to the provisions of the law.

We provide the information in postings on the Website for the purpose of supporting the connection to fulfill the Guest's and Host's desire to rent accommodation.

The posted information on Wonstay.com must be in compliance with all applicable laws (if any), don't post the information or products which are prohibited by law.

We are as a connection channel between Hosts and Guests to be able to solve any dispute between the two parties.

The use of the Website and its services must be made public and transparent to ensure the interests and safety of the parties.

The parties are responsible for all costs related to the use of the Website or Services (if any).


Users -  who access at Wonstay.com and/or mobile apps (if any)

Members - the user has registered a personal account on the website

Guests - who have used/or intend to use the services

Accommodations - Homes and accommodations (all types of properties) have signed Wonstay's terms and conditions and have agreed to provide us with the information to post on Wonstay.com.

Experiences - are designed and guided by local people.


Website is designed to support fully, the best for users, members, and customers around. Account registration process:

The "Login" section can be found in the upper right corner of the website, after clicking on it, users can find some different ways to register a member:

Entering a personal email address, full name, date of birth, fill the password, then confirm the password again, the registration process is completed.

Users can also use their Facebook or Google account to Sign up a new account on Wonstay.


Members are not allowed to post directly on the website, instead, if you want to post or cooperate in renting your accommodation, you will need to contact our customer department. After that, we will post the information about your accommodation on the website so that other users and members have a chance to know and book your space.


When members, users and guests want to rent any accommodation posted on the website, there are a few notes you need to follow:

Searching for the most stable service posted on the website, then carefully make the decision.

After finding a stable service, you can book directly on Wonstay.com 

After completing the booking process, you will have to complete the payment procedure within 24 hours from the time you receive Wonstay's booking confirmation by email.

We require all our partners, hosts to provide complete, accurate, detailed and truthful information about their accommodation.

All cases of fraud during the transaction will be condemned and undergo full legal responsibility.

Wonstay will ensure:

The pricing information is set by the host is complete, not modified by Wonstay when the host has not yet agreed.

The information about the quality and standards of accommodation is true to the description at the moment the host posted on the Website.

In case Wonstay' guests cannot use the service, we will inform the host to:

Update accommodations and provide better services.

Provide another free service package ( possible).

Suggest alternative places where the quality of accommodation and services is even better (possible).

In the worst case, we will consider asking the host to pay you back.


In order to get successful transactions, minimize the risks that may arise; users, members and guests of Wonstay need to comply with the following commitments:

Members should not provide detailed information about the payments to anyone by e-mail, we are not responsible for any loss caused by members as a result of the exchange information via the internet or e-mail.

The mechanism that we use to ensure transactions is as follows:

Member management: Wonstay.com members must provide all relevant information and are responsible for the authenticity of this information. We will save all your personal information and legal status for management purposes. We will update frequently the information and create reviews based on this information.

We also evaluate hosts via customer reviews, feedbacks, and opinions.

We will make an effort to solve any complaints and disputes that may arise. Your rights will be protected by us or the intervention of local government.


1. The main purpose of collecting customer information and scope of implementation

We collect your information for the sole purpose of managing your account, registering an account, managing members, contacting when disputes occur, provided information for our partners if necessary. We are committed to not selling, sharing or exchanging your personal information.

The types of information that we collect are the name, address, phone number, email.

2. The use of member information

The information of Wonstay members will be used and only used for the purpose of controlling and managing members' activities and facilitating the execution of transactions.

3. The expiration time of information storage

The information of members will be stored from 02 to 10 years. Except for members who delete their accounts or personal information.

4. Edit personal information

Members and customers can edit their personal information in the account section on the website. For hosts, you cannot edit the accommodation information posted on your Website. If you want to change anything related to the article, you need to contact Wonstay's customer service to make changes.

5. Commitment to customer information security

We promise that your information will be kept strictly confidential, according to Wonstay's privacy policy. The collection and use of information for each member is only done with the consent of such members, except as provided by law. Members have the right to check, update, adjust or cancel their personal information in accordance with our process. We will not disclose your personal information to any third parties or use that information outside the website, except in the following cases:

Providing personal information to third parties with the consent of the members.

Third parties are hired by Wonstay to manage servers, develop websites and support the payment process. In this case, the contract between Wonstay and the third parties must define each party's responsibilities to protect user information, not share it with anyone and only third parties use the information of members to perform their tasks. If our system fails and the members' personal information is lost, we will repair and our third parties will inform the competent government within 24 hours after the problem is discovered. According to the request of legitimate government, all cases that intentionally disclose customer information or mislead customer information are worthy of reprimand and processing. If you have any complaints about the problems of your information being used incorrectly, we will have certain verification mechanisms and appropriate handling, or if necessary, we will demand government intervention.


1.The rules of members

We are responsible for protecting and maintaining all activities of member accounts. You understand and agree to promptly inform all unauthorized cases, security breaches, storing a third party's password and registration name and any inappropriate behaviors, so that we can handle the fastest way.

Prohibited behaviors:

Information is sent to cause discomfort to the online member community, such as racist, superstitious, hateful or insulting content to any individuals or groups.

Engage in actions or giving information that could be harmful to other individuals and organizations.

Engage in activities or disseminating information that is disruptive to other people.

Participate in activities related to "spam" propaganda or send a large number of e-mails or "spam" to members and other users.

Take part in activities, sending information or spreading the news about fraud, false, misleading, or propaganda, organizing activities that are harmful, threatening, obscene, defamatory or defamatory criticism to other members.

Send classified information as pornography.

Send information to provide materials and other illegal behaviours such as buying and selling goods and providing prohibited services, infringing on the privacy of others or providing and distributing computer viruses.

Engage in activities or send information that discloses passwords or personal information for purposes that are harmful to others.

Engage in commercial and business activities without Wonstay's agreement, such as contests, sweepstakes, exchanges, advertising, multi-level business.

Use forms on website templates and toll-free numbers for advertising and promote other products and services for purposes.

Use technology or craft to collect and record the information shown on the website for any purpose without the permission of Wonstay.

Use any device or software that harms or intentionally violates Wonstay activities.

2. List limited information for posting

We only send information regarding our rental housing, our promotions, and make sure not to send information about other goods and services outside of their scope and code of conduct. Especially for goods and services that are restricted by the government, such as:

Hunting guns, sports weapons, related support tools;

Cigarettes, and tobaccos

Any kind of rare animal wine or wine and plants, including living things and their parts, have been processed

And all goods and services have been banned and limited

3. Check and confirm information

Before posting any articles, we will check and confirm the information before posting it on the Website.

Information of each article will be moderated by well-trained staff, we have the expertise, master the current provisions of the law on Website content management.

Our team will promptly detect and remove infringing content daily.